As part of Verb's commitment to the various communities it find's itself involved with, Verb regularly contribute to projects that exemplify values we hold dear, to support the people involved. This typically involves providing our time, energy, and resources at their disposal - free of charge. The following are some of those we've been involved with over Verb's lifetime.

South Coast Environment Society

Verb is proud to be supporting the South Coast Environment Society with their online presence. You may have seen them recently when they featured on NZ's television show country calendar.


The quintessential Wellington event. Verb has supported Fringe throughout 2012 and 2013. You can follow them on twitter at @NZFringe.

We Can Create

Auckland's design conference, we supported and attended this event in 2011 and 2012. Check out the website.

Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre

We stepped up as a silver level supporter for the local community pool. 

Semi Permanent

The premier design event in New Zealand, we proudly supported Semi Permanent and The Church with our website building expertise throughout 2008 - 2010.


It wasn't a casual decision for us to support this Nelson craft beer festival for many years. With New Zealand's binge drinking culture on the rise, and prohibition a proven failure, we consider craft beer to be one positive way of helping our culture "grow up" and come to terms with enjoying a good beer for its taste. 


The premier web event in the Southern Hemisphere. We sponsored Webstock two years running in Wellington. Thoroughly enjoyable event (still running) and we recommend it to anyone wanting a couple of days of of focused internet related presentations.

Timaru Hardcourt Bike Polo Champs

When the home town manages to attract the Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2012, how can you resist supporting such an event? It even received some exposure on the TV1 sports segment of the news.

Timaru Farmers Market

The resilience offered to local communities through the presence of a healthy local farmers market is immense. Interestingly the market was the birth place of the Boss pre-built website project.