Introducing Verb

Verb is a technology company and the primary vehicle for web entrepreneur Hamish Fraser to offer his consultation services, business connections and software services.

His long term web experience working on real world projects allows him to sort the trends from the fashions and design solutions that exude real world efficiencies with a broad consideration of surrounding/affected systems and future pathways.

With countless real world successes for businesses of all sizes, government departments and local government entities; Verb delights in meaningful long term relationships with it's customers.

The following are the core values that guide Verb:

Long term value

When assessing the long term value of new ideas and online trends, we often use the fashion versus innovation paradigm.

At Verb we keep 
fashions in mind, however we put our energy into ensuring real innovation is always the focus.

Purpose driven architecture

The purpose of the internet is to share information.
It's important to keep clear about fundamentals because that one concept has not changed since the internet's inception. What has changed is the ways that information is shared over the internet.
We keep to the practice of clarifying "to what purpose" when planning your architecture and future pathways.

Design meaningfully

"Design" has always been a favourite verb at Verb.

The design process involved in developing unique technology solutions is a place we love to inhabit. For everything else we have robots.