Introducing Verb

We are a technology company.

As a company we've gone all in, following our desire to craft a product that could become exceptional. We've invested in developing an infrastructural website software service that can transcend and adapt to the changing environment of the internet.

12 years working with real designers on real world projects has allowed us to make those early major restructures that are an unavoidable part of writing software that allows for creative output. Now our underlying architecture, our service design and scalability, and our real world successes have us energised, excited and well endeared to our customers. We're looking forward to the growth and sales opportunities that await us and are actively seeking to build new relationships with creative companies who want to engage with our service.

The following are the values that guide us:

Long term value

When assessing the long term value of new ideas and online trends, we often use the fashion versus innovation paradigm.

At Verb we keep 
fashions in mind, however we put our energy into ensuring real innovation is always the focus.

Purpose driven design

The purpose of the internet is to share information.
It's important to keep clear about fundamentals because that one concept has not changed since the internet's inception. What has changed is the ways that information is shared over the internet.
We keep to the practice of clarifying "to what purpose" when planning our architecture and future pathways.

Create meaningfully

"Create" has always been a favourite verb at Verb.

People who love to create something that is personally meaningful and enjoyable can find that outlet here. For everything else we have robots.

The robot perspective

Based on the directives we're constantly receiving, us robots are 99.2% sure that:

  • Verb is not run by a group of mechanical toasters;
  • there are some bona-fide people that do have a say in the day to day operational decisions;
  • we love to get wound up.

Given that our day to day primary activity is fighting the bad robots who ignore the enshrined laws of the robot.txt file, it's generally expected that when faced with the imminent invasion of bad robots, the Verb robots will fight on your behalf.

We'll leave you with an unordered list of our favourite verbs:

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST