Service Highlights

A website build and support service for Graphic Designers that is changing the industry. Try it and your clients will keep on thanking you.

Quoting and Pricing

  1. On-line secure quote tracker for tracking all your jobs with us.
  2. Includes on-line wholesale pricing calculator for transparent pricing of custom designs.
  3. Launch fully integrated e-commerce sites just as easily as blog sites.
  4. No signups/minimum terms as we've got a client retention record to die for.

Building Phase

  1. Resilient builds: site-wide changes easily implemented if required.
  2. Design layout freedom
  3. Track estimated build and completion dates.
  4. Training supplied by Verb direct to your client when you want it.
  5. Pre-built templates available for low budget or "get-the-site-up-fast" type projects.
  6. Let Verb handle the domain, email and technical tweaks associated with website launches.
  7. Make new friends with your dedicated team members at Verb.

After Launch

  1. Pro-active support after launch for you and your client.
  2. We'll handle all those annoying technical questions, screening you from such interruptions.
  3. Always backed-up, always upgraded, always monitored, always ready for a redesign.
  4. Referral of any design requests back to you.
  5. Your small clients are loved by us the same as your big clients.
  6. We're all about being that reliable long-term partner.