Boss Update Notes

The quick non-technical summary of Boss release notes for updates as they happen to give an indication of progress. We don't note every single thing we do here.

Available as an RSS feed for those who prefer.

24th September 2014

  • Semantic UI inclusion
  • Large number of API updates
  • Default template feature
  • Improved API usage reporting
  • Content blocks

15 May 2014

  • DataCategory page type 
  • Metrics feature on Console home page
  • Template enhancements
  • Attribute data types
  • Attribute management interface

6 March 2014

  • Promo Codes alpha release
  • Related article bug fixes
  • Flex template enhancements

25 January 2014

  • Oauth2 server implemented for Boss.API
    • 2-legged authentication utilising Json Web Tokens with symmetric or asymmetric signing
  • Related articles feature released
  • Numerous bug fixes

7 September 2013

  • Product and Article editing improvements
  • Search improvements

29th August 2013

  • Default HTML5 templates released (yes biggy)
  • API Permissions model finalised
  • Flex pre-built template released
  • Product search improvements
  • Search bug fixed (no search term)
  • Template inheritance bug fixed

16th July 2013

  • Upgraded template editor, enabling search and replace
  • Added feature of resending form submission alert emails to Console and API
  • Fixed file upload project assignment

12th July 2013

  • Fix render bug on project popup on media upload
  • Fix sort by project bug in the media bulk listings

26th June 2013

  • Included Total Results with form submissions
  • Fixed a bug in the URL redirect system that was stopping content pages from assuming the identity of standard page types (such as the account page)

25th June 2013

  • New ProfileObj added to the Boss API
  • Allow for status codes in the ResponseObj
  • Allowed for the verb=patch querystring on API PUT calls to utilise while network support for the PATCH verb is still limited
  • Adjusted the "tags" key parameter (deprecated) to only work on product searches as per the old behaviour