Technical Features

This is a list of features focused on the technical aspects of the Boss website platform. Designer service features


  1. Proven over 12 years of development.
  2. Focused on flexible data delivery. Don't just think HTML - create any text-based presentation of data.
  3. Optimised for small- to medium-sized website deployments.
  4. Function based templates: avoid writing the same mark up twice.
  5. Dedicated cloud-based servers (geographically appropriate).
  6. Content Variations for multi-language and/or site variations running on multiple domains.
  7. Generic form submission smarts (based on simple naming conventions of fields).


  1. 2 API's, RESTful and Template (session aware) based.
  2. RESTful API under active development.


  1. Secure on-line pages for managing your website, clients, visitors and more.
  2. Includes simple bulk email tool for emailing your client lists.
  3. Never bother with inherently insecure FTP again.
  4. Allow multiple users based around functions such as Designers, SEO experts, Site Managers.
  5. Access to the website templating system for users skilled in template generation.
  6. In-built LESS support for scriptable CSS.
  7. Generally runs off the Boss RESTful API.
  8. Search, sort and download reports of all form submissions on the site.
  9. Beautiful downloadable spreadsheets of almost all of your website data.
  10. Custom (friendly) URL management.
  11. Email template management.
  12. Automated email management tools.


  1. Website tree structure creation and management.
  2. Page content management systems with page styles and types.
  3. Allows website users to comment on posts.
  4. Content date-based validity testing.
  5. Content groups for tagging or organising.
  6. Attributes for custom data requirements.
  7. "Bubble" content to other pages.
  8. In-built image resizing, mass image uploading along with retina (image DPI) support.
  9. External Media support for tracking and embedding HTML.
  10. Fully featured Rich Text Editor.


  1. Sign-up/Create new account page.
  2. Login page for existing clients.
  3. Allow logged in clients to modify their account information such as contact details/addresses.
  4. Opt-in/out for email newsletters.
  5. Optional age check if required.
  6. Create groups for organising your clients.
  7. Lock down pages to to be viewable only by selected client groups.
  8. Send bulk emails to clients and/or client groups.


  1. Set standard and sale prices for products.
  2. Create and edit product attributes and options (i.e S, M, L, XL).
  3. Track product quantities when coupled with Boss.Cart.
  4. Automatic category and product page presentation.
  5. Image resizing, thumbnails and "click to enlarge" sizes.
  6. Expiry dates for products.
  7. Unlimited products and categories.
  8. Compare and sort products on their category pages.
  9. Customisable product codes.
  10. Pricing based on client groups when coupled with Boss.Client.
  11. Site-wide settings for including/excluding tax (e.g. GST).
  12. Enable website users to leave a comment on products.


  1. Accept payment via credit card with most payment gateways already supported.
  2. Optionally accept payment via direct deposit, phone through credit card details, charge to account, and pay on pick-up.


  1. Includes Boss.Client, Boss.Catalogue and Boss.Commerce.
  2. Automated customisable emails for new sales.
  3. Packing slips generated with each new sale.
  4. Automated shipping calculations based on weight, cart value, or customised per product.
  5. Gift wrapping options at checkout.
  6. Full shopping cart checkout process, including express checkout.
  7. Support for Australian and New Zealand postcode-based shipping options.
  8. Sale tracking, processing, and recording.